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October 1, 2015

This journal cannot possibly be 17 years old as of today.  No.  Just not possible.  Okay, granted a lot of it is no longer online (though I could find it and put it up . . . but no.  I have enough stupid projects.)  But 17 years?  Wow.

Other than that, today was a tea day.  Two boxes of teas arrived, plus new cups, a new teapot . . . I am in tea heaven again.  And not a moment too soon given the awful weather.  Blah.  Well, not really awful.  I'm sure it can get MUCH worse.

I should stop complaining now.

New Cup

October 2, 2015

I need to get things done.  So, of course, I have come down with the worst cold I've had in ages.  This is stupid and miserable.  And miserable and stupid.  I have to work, and instead, I'm sitting here shivering when it's not really that cold!

I am almost done with Kat Among the Pigeons and ready for it to go to print and the new ebook version to go up.  I'm happy about that, at least.  But mostly, I want to go curl up under covers.

At least I have some good tea.


October 3, 2015

Russ surprised me with a trip down to DeSoto Wildlife Refuge last night!  That was fun.  We went down late and it was getting dark as we were leaving, which is always a good time for animals.  I upped the ISO on the camera and actually got a few good shots.

And then I came home and finished Kat plus did the new ad pages for the back of the book.  Yay!  It's too late to do anything with it tonight, but tomorrow I'll be looking at uploading to CreateSpace.

I need to get back to work on the outlines, too.  Yeah, lots of stuff to do.

Unfortunately, the cold is wearing me down still.  I'm going to bed.



October 4, 2015

We have really entered into tea weather.  Also heater on weather.  I have a horrible cold still but at least now I'm not so chilled.

Getting back to work on the outlines.  I just got this week's newsletter done, so I'm ready to leap back into other things.  It would help if I would stop sneezing, though.  My muscles hurt for the sneezes. 

I also want to write ahead on the FF story.  I have some ideas for it, so I ought to be working towards that direction. It should be fun, really.  And if I get far enough ahead, I don't have to worry about it during NaNo.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Art?  Photography?  Not much of either lately, to be honest.  Oh, nice picture taking, but no after work.  It all just keeps getting away from me.

I have a novel ready for CreateSpace and I'm holding back for some reason.  Maybe I ought to get that on my Must Do List.

Too much to get done.  Gah.


September 5, 2015

I found the coolest thing for sale today!  A little 16 inch portable photo studio with lights and stuff.  And it was $100 off.  It has been ordered and is on the way.  This is perfect for shots of things like rocks and stuff.  It will be here on Thursday.  I'm really looking forward to working with it!

Outlines are fine.  Slow writing day, but I don't care.  I'll make it up during NaNo, right?


September 6, 2015

Still excited about the little photography thing.  This is going to be so much fun!  I keep looking around for more things to take photos of.  LOL.

Writing is slow again today.  I need to step away from the outline and do something else for a few hours.  I do have one novel that needs to be finished, and I could probably put some time into that.  Oh, and I want to do some of the Flash Fiction stories so I get ahead.  Yes, that's a good plan, too.

I did housework today.  Yeah, amazing isn't it?