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November 1, 2013

NaNo started just after midnight.  Not a fast start, but I got a couple thousand words before I went to bed.  For the first week, NaNo is going to be my focus.  I love these days.

Whispers of the Past is the first novel.  I don't expect it to go much over 50k

November 2, 2013

12k for the first day. Yay. That's after Zaphod badly scratched my hand.  It bled most of the night.  I still kept writing.

And day 2 is going well, also.  I think I'm starting to get the feel of the story, which is good.  I was afraid that I really wasn't going to have much fun with it this year.  Too much non fun stuff around.  But I have thrown myself into it and I'm having a great time!

November 3, 2013

Over 20k so far!  Yay!

Yeah, it's good to get back to this kind of writing.  And yes, these posts are late.  I have been so totally worn out by the time I'm done writing, that I couldn't even think to do anything else!

November 4, 2013

I'm still averaging 10k a day, so that's good.  Getting worn out, though.  And other stuff is soon going to start dropping in on me.  But for now, it's been going very well. The story is interesting.  One character thinks too much.  I'm going to have to get him talking more and have some of the thoughts batted back and forth.  it's better as he gets comfortable with his new partner, but it's still a bit slow.

Still having fun though.

November 5, 2013

A good day!  50k in 5 days is good, but it's wearing me down.  I'll be going slower.  Besides, work is coming up again. 

The novel is going over 50k.  I think maybe 65-70k.  Closer to 65 unless there is something that really takes off here.  I had planned on four 50k novels, so going over is fine.  Under is not so good.

Still having fun, though!

November 6, 2013

The day that broke my 10k a day streak.  That's alright -- 6k is fine.  And you can't keep devoting all that time and energy to the project, even when you're having so much fun.

Have I mentioned that the weather is starting to get really cold here?  We had a spattering of snow, but it didn't last.  I fear it will be back soon, though.

Enjoying the writing, though.  That's what counts.

And my hand still hurts, almost a week after Zaphod scratched me.  Sigh.

November 7, 2013

I finally crossed into the 60k range today.  It was very hard work and I'm still not done with the novel.  Tomorrow, I hope.  And I hope I don't have another day like today where I think I spent more time staring at the words than writing them.

It's just coming up on midnight.  In a couple minutes I'll start the work for the 8th.  I'm aiming at 6k days now.  I don't know why they've turned out to be harder than the 10k ones!

November 8, 2013

I finished Whispers of the Past this afternoon and turned my attention to The Path: Ost.  It was hard to make the leap from one to the other, so I ended up getting a lot of other stuff done.  That's good.  Nothing wrong with doing things you need to get done!

I am now 3k into Ost, and it's maybe going slowly off the start, but I'm getting a good feel for the two POV characters.  I don't think I'm covering the world building as well as I would like, but it's still going fine.

I'm also not sure how long this one will be. The other went to 66,100 which is 16k over what I expected.  Sometimes you just don't know.

And that's it.  I need to get some other work done, I think.  And then read for a while.  I'm pleased to say that I have not given up reading, even though I'm in the midst of a crazed NaNo.  I'm having fun.

November 9, 2013

This has been my lowest word count day so far.  I cannot get moving for some reason, which I find very annoying at this point.  Of course, being annoyed means it's harder to write.  Vicious circle there.

I am not getting very far with anything, actually.  Even reading is getting annoying lately, through no fault of the wonderful books.

I did, however, buy a new mouse.  It is wonderful.  Sometimes you don't realize how the little things are driving you crazy (like a mouse that won't work properly) until you replace it.

November 10, 2013

I had a bit better of a writing day.  Good.  Got over 6k (only 4.5k yesterday), so I'm happier.  The novel is going alright though I had somehow messed up the outline.  I've been having a lot of trouble with that sort of stuff lately!

I am up to point 39 out of 162 on the novel.  I am writing about 300 to 400 words per point, so obviously this is not going to be a very long novel.  That's been my intention with this NaNo. Short things.  Get through them.  Have fun.

Which makes me also think I need to save the outline for The Eye of Orantis until January 1.  I still have the outline for Summerfield 4 as well, and I think that might be enough for this month. We'll see how I feel when I get close to the end of the current novel (The Path 1: Ost).

But there.  I need to go do some DAZ newsletter stuff, too.  I'll be slowed down a bit by that tomorrow.  No matter.  I'm doing fine.

November 11, 2013

Weather is turning very cold tonight.  Supposed to be about 4 above.  I think my brain is freezing just out of sympathy.

I'm having a hard time getting the last of my writing done.  I think I'm going to rest for a while and see if that helps.  I'm not really that cold, but my brain refuses to lock into what it's supposed to do.  Even with the outline.

Yeah, a bit of rest.  If I go to sleep, no big deal. it's not like I don't have a lot of words, after all!

November 12, 2013

A cold day.  Gah.  But I got a lot of writing done, so I'm happy.  Can't stay up much longer though, because it's cold and I want in bed under the warm electric blanket.  I might have to toss cats off it, though.

Poor furry guys.

And off I go!  Almost half way through the month already.  This is great!

November 13, 2013

Another 6k day, which is good.  I'm moving closer to finishing up The Path: Ost.  I know that it ends in an odd spot, though.  I had originally thought of this as the first in a series of short books, but now I might go on with this particular book instead.  We'll see.

NaNo is doing fine, but I miss the old days when there was a lot more 'sharing' on the boards.  The list of where you stood in the rankings was great because you really felt that there were others out there, not just a few you happened to connect with.

But the novels are doing well.  Yay!

November 14, 2013

Getting closer to done with the book.  Yay.  Kind of hard work, though, keeping up this word count and trying to get everything else done as well.  I am glad to be about half way through NaNo.  As much as I love this kind of rush of writing, I'm glad it doesn't last for more than a few weeks.

November 15, 2013

Ugh. Slow day.  I'm having trouble now.  But we have reached the middle of the month and over 100k, so I'm fine in general.  Just not feeling great and everything is dragging.

Almost done with this novel.  I'm going to do the fourth Summerfield novel next and save The Eye of Orantis for January.  This sounds like an excellent idea to me.  It means I won't have to write an outline in December.  LOL.  I think I've just about run out of outline ideas for the year.

(Though there is that other story playing in my head.  That might be my March story.)

I did release Don't Go Home for the Holidays today, though.  Finally!  yay!

November 16, 2013

So close to done with this book!  Yay!  I like the characters, but I think I just didn't quite get the feel of it right for the first draft.  No matter.  I can see the world and the back ground far better now and I know what notes I need to do for the next draft.

The weather here has been odd this month.  Really, really cold on a few days and then spring-like the rest of the time. 

Back to writing.

November 17, 2013

Not feeling well at all.  I've felt this coming on for a while and tried to fight it off.  Mostly I just want to curl up and not come out of bed.

Work to do though, and not even all of it NaNo.  Ugh.

November 18, 2013

Not my best writing day, but I did finish The Path: Ost and started Summerfield 4: Spring Break.  I thought I had more to the outline on that one, but oh well.  It's going okay.

I also had to get the newsletter for DAZ done, which took a lot of today because of changes in it.  But it was done and sent in.  Way later than usual, but not my fault.  I had to wait for several items.

That's it.  Enjoying the new Summerfield book. 

November 19, 2013

Eleven full days of NaNo left?


Okay, I can do this.  Actually, I have done this.  I'm over 125k, so it's not like I need to make some huge amount of words to win.  I have won. 

And I'm having fun with the new Summerfield book despite the poor outline.  Tessa is having a lesson in being human.  Summerfield has made a major mistake.  This is going to be such fun to write!

So, back to it!

November 20, 2013

6010 for the day.  Yeah, my life is reduced to NaNo and word counts.  There is nothing else in life until the end of November.

Weather is supposed to cool down.  I'm not happy with that thought.

And I'm at the point, with ten days left in the month, where I would like to do anything but write.

November 21, 2013

It's supposed to snow, but I don't get the feeling we're going to get anything.  I've done 6k day, so it's good.  But overall, there is nothing going on.  NaNo.  November.   I will be more than happy to be done.

November 22, 2013

A 7k day.  That's good.  I would like to cut down as much as I can for the last few days.  I'm at 150k which means 200k is possible -- but only if I have story to write.  Summerfield is already at 25k and I cannot see it going much over 50k total.  So how am I going to make those last 25k?

We'll see.  There is still some stuff I can do with The Path: Ost which I keep thinking about. 

Only 8 days left.  I can survive that.

November 23, 2013

I am dropping down to about 4k a day and aiming at 175 and the end of this novel.  This novel is Summerfield #4 and it is giving me grief.  I don't know why.  I just can't seem to get running at it.

But still, almost 155k.  Not too bad!

November 24, 2013

Can we be done now?  What?  Another six days?  Ugh.

The story is going okay.  My enthusiasm is just totally shot is all. 

I can get through the last few days, though.  That will be good.  Nice accomplishment and three more first drafts to add to my list.  That's good. 

November 25, 2013

Today's writing went a little better, partly because I stepped back in the story and wrote a scene I had thought about late.  Tessa facing a street gang in a South American city is really kind of fun.  I might have to come up with another such scene for earlier in the book, before they leave Omaha.


Almost done.  I can survive this. (grin)

November 26, 2013

Ugh.  Yes.  I can do this.  But this miserable cold/flu stuff is making it very hard. 

This story is not falling together right.  I'm not sure what piece I've missed, but it feels as though I've not quite made the connection I want.

No matter. I can fix it after I let it sit for a while.

Providing I finish it soon.

November 27, 2013

I have been miserably ill.  This is just great.

My worst writing day of the month, but I'm still making some progress.  Almost done with this novel.  That's good, too.

November 28, 2013

We had a nice Thanksgiving, despite how miserable I've been.  I woke up feeling much better and went ahead with dinner plans.  The food was great!  We also watched a Mod Squad -- and episode neither of us knew at all.  That's very odd!

And the writing is okay.  So, overall, a nice day.

November 29, 2013

Yes, just one day left.  The Summerfield 4 story finally fell into place, more or less.  The ending is dull.  I'll fix that later.  I have some notes on other things to fix as well.

But I'm almost done.  Yay!  I'm even considering waiting until midnight and doing the last of the writing -- and then taking the day off!  Yes, me!  Well, off as best I can.  I'm sure I'll come up with something to write.

But yay -- almost done!  And over 170k, which isn't bad at all.

November 30, 2013

175,702 for November.  Three novels.  A lot of insanity.

That was another hard month.  I'm glad to have it done.  Now just get through December and then --

Yeah, we can start all over again.