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July 1, 2014

I have started JulNo and I'm over 7k into the story.  This is good.  it's moving along quite well, though right at the moment I'm a little slow.  I've been fighting off a headache all day. The temp is only 61f -- on JULY1! -- and the weather has really hit me again.

This is just crazy.

But at least I'm having fun with the story.

July 2, 2014

I had an incredibly happy run with my new story last night and made it all the way to 12k before I went to bed.  I haven't had a wonderful run like that in quite a few years.  Will I do as well today?  No.  But wow, for a story without an outline, this is going far better than I could have hoped.

What else?

This is the one year anniversary of my heart attack.  It still haunts me, the little worries now and then, but really I've done well.  I've not lost enough weight and I need to think about that.  I need to go walk the dog.  I need to --

I need to get everything done so I can sit down with my story again, because that's made me really happy and that counts too.  At least with Russ in the new job there really is less stress right now.  Things are looking good.

July 3, 2014

Not so good a writing day today.  I just couldn't get moving for anything.  I hope tomorrow is better.

We watched the first Indiana Jones movie tonight. That was fun.  Hadn't seen it in years and years.

And that's it for today.

July 4, 2014

Had a good day.  The weather was lovely!  We didn't do anything special, except to go park and look at fireworks for a couple hours.  It was very nice.

July 5, 2014

Writing, writing -- but it's going slowly.  That's okay. The story is interesting enough.  I like the characters.  and I think I see what it needs that I missed up until now.

But where it's going to end?

I have no clue at all.  This is going to be interesting.

July 6, 2014

Well, I had a different sort of day.  Got a lot of writing done, but also found myself embroiled in a disagreement with someone who clearly thinks that if you are a writer, you can do nothing else well.  In fact, you can't even write well, because every writer MUST have an editor and MUST have a professional cover artist, and if you don't hire both of these, you are disgracing the Indie Publishing World.

Oh no, don't judge the book itself.  Only on how it got where it is.


July 7, 2014

I've gone something odd, and I think it's going to work.  I held back for the last few days on my JulNo project and now there are some people ahead of me (besides the two who were already there).  This gives me something to aim at while I'm writing.  I seem to work well that way.

I've crossed the 30k mark.  Not too bad considering I've not been feeling well.

July 8, 2014

Weather is up and down, up and down.  Not sure what to expect from day-to-day and I suspect the weather people are in about the same state.

I'm also having odd computer problems.  Programs simply close sometimes.  Or won't close other times. I never know what to expect.

Other than that, writing is going fine.

July 9, 2014

Well, that's been interesting.

I wrote a post on my Joyously Prolific Blog about a Facebook Indie group that just annoyed me to no end.

The blog post got picked up by The Passive Voice, which is a rather big name blog.  I didn't expect it.

I guess that's my moment of fame.  LOL

July 10, 2014

I think I have finally found the path for Speaking of Shadows.  It's moving pretty well at the moment.  I hope it continues that way for the rest of the month.  Hard to believe we're already a third of the way through July!

And I had some programs fail on me, so I'm having trouble getting this uploaded.  I'll get there!

July 11, 2014

The novel is moving.  I thought I would get to 50k today, but I got slowed up by a few things.  Maybe tomorrow, though I have a lot of things to get caught up on.  Still, it should work out well, I think.  I'm right at some exciting stuff about to happen.

It's nice to know I can still write like this.  It's been a while.  I just can't seem to keep focus on things for very long lately.

July 12, 2014

We had storms all night.  Some heavy rain now and then, but nothing too drastic here.  today started out cool, but it's getting sticky now.  Yuck.

We're going to be having a cool down next week.  How odd.  I thought this was July, but I could be wrong.

I have no idea how long Speaking of Shadows is going to be.  That's kind of amusing, really.  I can finally see a path towards the end, but I really don't see the final confrontation yet.  Really need to start thinking more about that since I am about to set my people on that path.

I know where, I know who -- I even know why.  I'm just not clear on what is going to happen.

I guess I'll know when I get there.

July 13, 2014

Crazy kind of day.  Spent a good part of it sorting through Video Tapes that have been sitting for years without tags. We're copying some of our rarer parts of the collection over to DVD.  We've managed to replace a lot of stuff with DVD collections already.

I didn't get to writing until very late, but then it just flew and I got over 2k for the day.  Maybe I should do that more often.

I'm finally over 50k, too.  Yay!

July 14, 2014

It's 69f out right now.  In the middle of July and late in the afternoon.  This is an amazing cool down.  It's good, really, except for the huge change in air pressure and the headache that came with it.  Ugh.

Took the dog for a quick walk and now it's time to get back to work on something.  Lots of things to get done, too.

July 15, 2014

I have been ill all day and barely out of bed. That's where I am heading again in a couple minutes.  Got up to take some pills and eat some toast.  That's as far as I'm going.

The writing is going to suffer for this, but I am managing my 1k a day still.  Just nothing else, anywhere.

July 16, 2014

Spent most of the day in bed, but I am finally feeling better.  I even managed to write 2k today, which is better than I've done for a few days.  Yeah, not my best JulNo/NaNo -- but I don't really care.  The story is going well enough anyway.

I worked with Painter today for the first time in a long time.  I forgot how much I enjoy it.  I need to make time for things like that again.

July 17, 2014

I hope the writing picks up now that I'm feeling better.  This has been a strange week, but I'm starting to feel like I can get some work done again.  Good.

Nothing else really going on.  I'm over 50k on Speaking of Shadows and I'm starting in towards the ending.  So best get to work on it!

July 18, 2014

I wrote 5k today.  About time I got some good words moving there.  The story is now over 62k and still moving well.  It's going to top 70k after all, so this is good.

What else?  Weather was lovely today.  And I got some great bird shots.  Need Russ to fill the feeders again, though.  They really emptied them the last couple days!

Other than that, not much going on at all.

July 19, 2014

Writing has picked up again. This generally puts me in a better mood, but I'm not so sure today.  It does help that I can actually see the ending to the novel.  I think it's going to hit about 75k.  Not bad at all.

I have been playing with Painter, too.  That's been good.  I need the variety.  I'd forgotten how much fun it could be.  Also helps that I got my Wacom board to work.  LOL

July 20, 2014

I am not sitting in the second spot on the JulNo boards -- but the next person up has over 30k more than me, so I don't think I'm going to move up any more notches.  LOL.  I've had a very good writing day so far though.  I think I'm going to make it to 5k without much trouble.

The weather has turned on us.  Heat advisory tonight until almost midnight, in fact.  It's getting hotter as the sun goes down.  That's never any fun.

So, back to work!

July 21, 2014

Miserably ill today.  Woke up with a horrible ear ache and things just went downhill from there. and it is HOT. Heat index well over 100 all day and still 98 at nearly 10pm.

This is not fun.  Also having a problem with the dog who keeps tearing up a pieces of the floor.  Now I'm afraid she ate some duct tape.

So not a great day.

I did finish the novel, just over 96k, and I'm starting to work on Eye of Orantis, which I had started but barely got 4k on.  I'm having trouble moving even with the outline.

Ugh.  Not a good day.

July 22, 2014

The new Summerfield book is out and the previous one is newly edited and released again!  Yay!

That makes me feel better.  I got things done today.  You can't do much better than that.  So I have my July work done for publication.  And surprisingly, the second novel is going very well, though I did have a slow day today. 

Over all, though -- good stuff!


July 23, 2014

I fell today while on a short hike.  I'm paying for it tonight.  I can hardly type because of scrapes and bruises.  Not to mention being just plain annoyed with everything.

I ache.  It'll clear up soon, but tonight and tomorrow are going to be annoying.

What's worse is that I was finally making headway on the new novel.  I hope it stays with me.  But tonight, I'm just going to go crawl into bed and sleep.

Russ leaves for three days tomorrow.  At least he won't hear me mumbling and complaining.

July 24, 2014

Russ is off to Kansas City.  He hasn't contacted me, so I hope all has gone well on the trip so far.

I am sore and headachy from my fall yesterday.  Annoying, really.  I hope to get more stuff done, but I'm having trouble focusing now tonight.

Oh well.  Still got some stuff done, including paying for Vision articles.  Amazing to be so far ahead of the game.

July 25, 2014

A lot of writing done today.  Yay.  I feel as though I am finally reaching the sort of word counts I should have had off the start of the month.

Russ will be home tomorrow.  I can't say that I got much done while he was gone.  But the writing . . . yeah, the writing has gone well.

Running out of days, though!

July 26, 2014

I am working my way up to a 10k day.  The story is just flying right now.  Of course, I'm ignoring everything else I should get done, but I don't care at the moment.  I'm going to keep working on Eye of Orantis and see if I can't finish the entire book in the next few days.

Sounds like a goal to me.

July 27, 2014

I had a 12k day yesterday.  Today I haven't even made it to 1k, but that's partly because I'm doing very bits of other work.  Also, I'm tired.

Russ is back home, but I haven't seen him today.  He's over at his house taking care of stuff, I'm sure. 

I need to fall back into place with the novel.  I can't see that I'll have it done by the end of July, but I have gotten quite a bit done on it.

July 28, 2014

Is it the end of July yet?  Can we get over this JulNo stuff and go on with life?

Oh, it's not so bad.  I've done really well with over 108k for the month.  But the last days just seem to drag and I find myself caught between trying to push and get a lot more words or just quietly letting the month go with maybe 2 to 4k a day.  I'm opting more and more for the last.  Get a few things done outside of the writing madness.  Look forward to August.

Yeah, good plan.

The second novel is going well, by the way.  I'm pleased.

July 29, 2014

Not a bad writing day.  I'm surprised at how well this novel is going. considering it hated me the first time I tried to write it.  Contrary little beast.  But I'm getting there with it.

It's taking a lot of work to get to the end of this month, though.  I am amused at how pleased I am to have the NaNo months over with.  Of course now I'm thinking about November. . . .

July 30, 2014

I am having computer problems.  Really.  Did I ask for this at the end of the month just to make things more fun?  The computer is slow, freezes up, drives me totally crazy.

But I am still getting words done.

July 31, 2014

The computer is worse.  It freezes up after about every two words.  It won't open programs.  It sits there and snarls at me and it knows I'm not going to pound it into the dirt.  Not quite yet.

Ugh.  This is annoying.  But I will get the last day done for JulNo. Then we'll see what happens.