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March 1, 2014

Well I just thought February was a bad month.  March so far is certainly doing it's best to drive me crazy.  Way too cold.  And snow.  Finally, we get snow.  I'm sitting here all bundled up again.  Isn't it supposed to get warmer now?


I have been working on my zoo stuff today.  It has made a very nice break and I've written over 2k in information.  I'm still trying to decide how I want to do the site itself, but I have a few animals and pictures ready.

It has made a nice weekend break.  And maybe I'll go to the zoo for my birthday if nothing else works out.

march 2, 2014

It's too cold.  I can barely think and get things done.  I hate this weather and I'm glad to see that I only have one more bad day before it goes back up into the 20's.  By Sunday it will be 50f again.  Maybe this time it'll say up there.

Not getting a lot done.

March 3, 2014

Another Monday.  Trying to get myself fired up about getting things done and I'm just not there.  Spring is almost here -- despite that we have more snow than we've had all winter -- and that will be nice.  But right now?  Blah.

March 4, 2014

Weather is marginally better today. Temp in the house is up to 64f, which makes things much nicer.   By Monday we should have temps in the 50's.  Yay!

I am working on a new zoo site.  Yeah, that's odd -- but this one will have animal info and it has been considerable fun tracking stuff down again.  So far, I've had no trouble in general telling one animal from another, though I can't tell one tiger type from the other.  Had trouble with one snake and I'm still not certain I'm right about it.  Now I'm up to a crane of some sort and having a problem there.

You know what?  It's fun.  I have about twenty animals listed so far.  I've gone through about 50 pictures out of nearly 12,000.  Yeah, this is going to be a lot of work!

March 5, 2014

Having fun with the zoo site.  I hope that keeps up.  I am also getting the last reading/edit of Beware the Wrath of Bunny Hopper done, too.  It's going very well and should be done on the 7th and up by my birthday.  Yay zette!

That's it.

Lots to get done over the next few days!

March 6, 2014

If all goes well, I'll have the edits on Bunny done today.  This is really good news.  I had gotten bogged down there and had to fight for every sentence for a while.

I hope that I can finish it and then format and have it up tomorrow.  That would be very good.

I think I have a good idea for changing my desk around.  I have to wait a little while until we take down the plastic (protection from cold) but it should work.

That's it.  Washing clothes.  Editing.  I need to get the next Surviving Elsewhere done as well.

March 7, 2014

Bunny is done and published!  Well, at least at Smashwords.  I'll do Kindle and Nook a bit later (maybe in a few days).  Right now I'm basking in the joy of having gotten it actually done.


And now I'm off to do other things.

march 8, 2014

Lovely photography day at the DeSoto Wildlife Refuge.  I have been a bit off all day, though.  That's unfortunate.  But still had fun!

March 9, 2014

Still feeling a bit off, but had a nice day again.  Nice ride around and saw some lovely geese. 

Writing is taking a hit, though I am forcing myself to push through.  Just feels very difficult for some reason.  I really hate when I get at this stage.

march 10, 2014

Absolutely lovely weather today!  YAY!  Up in the 70's.  I'd take down all the winter coverings except that it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

(Pound head on desk for a while)

I'm getting writing done.  It's a very slow and annoying process lately, but I'm still working on it.   I need a story to really catch my attention and take off.

On the good news part, I nearly have all of Jami outlined finally.  This is good.  I'll hold on to it for November, I think.

March 11, 2014

I am having a slow down in writing. We've seen this before.  I'm still getting stuff done, but I haven't hit the 'fire' that will really make me run again for a while.  I hope it comes back soon.

I am getting stuff done on my zoo book/site.  That's pretty odd, but it's been funny to go through pictures and be able to say 'Oriental small-clawed Otter' at a glance.  African Spiny Mouse. Glass lizard.  And those were from pictures taken about 14 years ago.

Mind is apparently still working, just on odd things.  No surprise there.

It can't be almost half way through March, though.  It just can't.

So much to do.

March 12, 2014

Weather is better, weather is worse.

You just have to get tired of this.  If we'd had one really good snow fall all winter, it would be worth it. But just cold?  Nah.

And I am tired of pretty much everything right now.  Bad spot to be in.  I need to get past this.


March 13, 2014

Even though it still looks as though we'll get some cool weather, I took down the winter curtains that block off parts of the rooms.  I can now see beyond my little space, and I think that's going to help my mood.  The cats are weirded out because I rearranged a lot of stuff, but I think it's looking good now.  Still work to do.

Got bits and pieces of writing done as well, despite the computer giving me fits today.  Really getting tired of that, too.  Not much help when you're already in a bad mood.

I'll be getting into a better mood soon.  I'm sure of it.  Really.

march 14, 2014

Having the curtains down around my desk is helping.  I'm not entirely sure if I'll be bale to write any better, but at least I don't feel closed in.  I am still not really picking up on the writing, though.  Still, it is nicer.

Need to get material for Vision.  I am starting to really feel as though the ezine is about through it's run.  Fourteen years is a good, long time.

March 15, 2014

Today I am working mostly on Vision stuff.  The workshop is going well.  I'll have it done tonight.  This puts me in a batter mood.  I would like to get ahead on Vision and not feel that end of the month insanity that usually strikes.

The zoo stuff is going well.  I'm trying not to focus too much on it, and let it be the fun 'aside' project.  I love working with the pictures and find the info. Part of me is tempted to drop everything else and just have a go at it.

The computer is driving me nuts.

It keeps stopping every few words and I have to wait for it.  Ugh.  I think I'm done here for the night.

march 16, 2014

Think I may have fixed the problem with the computer slowing down every few seconds.

Now my email doesn't work.

Okay, so maybe the computer is getting old and overworked.  Doesn't matter.  It has to hold on for a few more months at least.

In other news -- I think I finished the Jami outline today.  Wow!  I even kind of like the way it went.  I've had problems with this particular story and I suspect I still don't have it quite right -- but I have the basics there.  Yay!

And we saw lovely wood ducks today!  Wow!

March 17, 2014

Mostly caught up on work now.  Need to get to back to writing and put my full mind to it.  I've been kind of skipping around on stuff.  Not a surprise.  I wonder if it's a reaction to spring?  Maybe so.

I want to figure out why my computer is going wacky on me.  That would be a help.  I still don't have access to my email.  I want to really get to work on my Zoo site, too -- but I feel obligated to work on other things first.


march 18, 2014

The internet has been up and down all day, which is a problem.  I don't know if Russ is going to be late tonight, or home at all, in fact.  They are having business stuff in Omaha this week.  Internet is the only connection we have at the moment.

But, here is other stuff.  I finished the Jami outline -- I think I mentioned that?  I am about 2/3rds done with Surviving Elsewhere.    Eye of Orantis is moving very slowly, considering I have an outline.  Very odd.  I laid out the material for a border city in an unnamed new country that may actually be a lost sf world.  I'm trying to see how to work that in and around the vision I have.  I'm not sure yet.  This is a rare case where I have only a vague idea of an MC (not even sure of the gender yet), but I can see the world into which the MC fits.  Should be fun, but right now it's just laying out things.

I wish I felt better, though.  Really off today, but then I have been for a few days.  Ugh.  Need this to clear up.

Back to work.  Or back to fun.  Time to get more writing done.

march 19, 2014

I am fighting to keep up with stuff right now.  I need my brain to kick in better so I can just track things.  So much to get done!

I am seriously thinking about shutting down Vision.  The lack of articles is just making it impossible to get anything pulled together.  14 years might be long enough.

march 20, 2014

Thursday already.  Wow.

I just got my new Surviving Elsewhere serial post done, though not up yet.  I didn't think I was going to make it, but today's work went together very well.  I've got about 35k on the story so far, and it might go to 50k.  I am closing in on the end now.  Fun stuff.

Other than that?  Just working, working, working.  I keep hoping for something fun.  Not that it's horrible, but I really need a break from this stuff.

March 21, 2014

It got windy and colder today again.  I've got all the heaters back on and the cats have the electric blanket.  We're surviving.

I just wish my brain was working with me on this.  I got some basic stuff done today.  I'm going to go for some harder stuff this evening.  Writing might be a good idea, too.

Just playing with odd stuff for writing right now.  But it's going well.  I have a big project for this weekend.

Okay.  Time to get back to work! 

March 22, 2014

It's turned colder again.  That's done nothing for my mood.  I would like to get up and cheery about stuff, but every time I think I'm going to reach there, it turns cold.  Or something snarly happens.  Or just a lack of something new and fun -- it's hard to say what the problem really is. 


Working on stuff today.  Just like most days.

march 23, 2014

Fighting headache all day.  having a hard time coming up with a reason to even get out of bed.

This is miserable.

March 24, 2014

The trick appears to be to just do little things at a time.  No big push on any project.  A couple hundred words here.  Play with pictures.  Don't push and get annoyed and get a headache back.

Sounds wise to me.

The Zoo site stuff is going okay, too.  That's kind of fun.

I can handle this and get going again.

March 25, 2014

I am going to head to bed early tonight, I think.  The rounds of headaches are just wearing me down.  i wish the weather would settle into one nice, calm -- warm -- pattern and stay there for a few weeks.

Otherwise, all is okay.  Russ really needs a different job.  We'd both be happier then.

march 26, 2014

Warmer day today, but very windy.  I can't believe the amount of dust in the air, but that's not surprising, given the lack of moisture this winter again.  It just looks bad for us at this part of the country

I've cut back on my writing for a little while.  I feel better for it, too.  I'd been doing 3k a day since January 1, but I just didn't have the push to keep that up right now.  I think once spring is here and things improve, I'll have a better chance at this.

What I got today was much better than I've gotten for a few days.  I think just letting the pressure drop has helped.  Also, even though I know that Vision is about due to go up, I am not fighting myself over it.

It'll get there. But there may not be many more issues after this one.

March 27, 2014


Well, okay, we've gotten snow in March before.  And in April.  But honestly, I'm just looking for spring now.

Getting more of Vision pulled together, too.  It's almost an issue.  That helps.  Working on Surviving Elsewhere, too.  So I won't miss this week's entry.

Beyond that?  Nothing at the moment.  Computer was a problem today, but better tonight, so that's at least one real win.

March 28, 2014

The world building for the new novel is really getting some good stuff.  I'm pleased.  I don't have a story yet.  I don't have a name.  I don't have a character.  I don't even have a name for the world.

But it's going well.  LOL

Weather is a bit warmer again.  That helps.  Of course we're supposed to have snow mid week. Ugh.

March 29, 2014

No, I am not in anyway ready for the end of the month and I don't care.

I have massive headaches and an upset stomach.  And sneezes.

Russ baked me a cake though.  Yay!  It's good, too!

I did more world building today and learned new things. That's always a win.

Tomorrow I need to seriously do some end of the month stuff.

March 30, 2014

Okay, closer to the end of the month.  I'm almost caught up with stuff that I need to do.  This is good.  I'm actually almost a day ahead.  I still have work on Vision to do, but I got a good part of it done.

Working on the World Building still, but it is slower today.  Getting little bits and pieces worked in.  I'll need to work on coinage soon.  Never one of my favorites, but you have to know how people pay for things.  This is too big a world for simple trade.

Also need to work on temple and royalty.  I've been mentioning both at random, but I need to work out the details.

That's it.  Back to work.  Get stuff done and go into April without feeling like I'm overwhelmed with work before I even begin.

March 31, 2014

Well, there.

Newsletter done.

Vision done (except for contributor's pages)

FM updated for new challenge

DAZ challenge posted and winners from last one name.  And email sent off with winner's names.

I even managed about 1500 words.

So, this turned out to be a very productive end of the month.  Tomorrow I'll pull out In the Service of the Queen and start the final push on it.  Maybe something shorter too, and put something extra out this month.  And. . . .

We'll see.

Right now, though, time to get some sleep!