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October 1, 2014

I somehow got Vision done in time.  I'm surprised because I had to write several pieces for it.  I got DAZ work done.  I still need to do something for FM, though, and I'm kind of brain dead on it.

So maybe this is a good sign for October, though.  Getting things done and out of the way.  I can hope so!

October 2, 2014

Rain lately.  A lot of rain. And it is going to get cold.  Ugh.  Too early for this.

I am working on In the Shadow of Giants.  This is enjoyable.  And relatively short.  Different.  It keeps drawing all my attention, even when I should be working on other things.  Hmmm.  Back to it!

October 3, 2014

We've had a lot of wind and very cold temps today.  So of course the dog chewed through the cord to the electric blanket.  Sigh

There are times when things are just not going to go together well.  This is one of them.  I am simply holding down my part of the work and hoping to get through this without too much trouble.  The rewrite of In the Shadow of Giants is going well, at least.  Slowly, but well.  I have nothing against slow.

October 4, 2014

Dropped down to freezing last night.  Up to 49f now.  I have such a headache.  I am trying to get stuff done here and get cheered up, but this weather is just annoying.  I suspect I am not going to get a lot done today.

I need to get back to work on the Grey Station outlines.  I needed to back off for a bit while I worked out a problem, but I think I see what the story needs now.  These are fun.  I am up to #6.

Tea, I think, is in order.  Or maybe hot chocolate.  Yeah.  There's something to cheer a person up!

October 5, 2014

The sixth outline is still fighting me.  I keep moving things around, adding in more stuff -- and I am just not quite getting the feel for it.  I know what needs to happen.  I'm not sure I can make it happen right.

Maybe it will work out better in the writing.

I have some neat new macro stuff for the camera.  Unfortunately, I don't have anything neat to take pictures of with it.  I do have some stones, so that will work for now.  But I'd like to have some other stuff, too.

Back to writing.

October 6, 2014

Someone make this story behave.

It's getting there, but man this is one of the toughest outlines I've ever dealt with.

Lucky for me there is still plenty of time before NaNo and I probably have enough outlines done anyway.  How long will each of these be?  30k?  Then I'm up to 180,000 words already.  Plus I have a couple of un-related outlines still sitting there, too.

October 7, 2014

Over dinner tonight I think I talked out the last few problems with this series of stories.  I'm cutting it down to eight so there are only two more to write.  Yes, I did get #6 done today.  About time!

Eight of them at 30k each is 240k.  At 40k each that becomes 320k.  Don't see I'm going to make it that far, but even if they come in at 25k each they'll still be 200,000 words.

So, if I get these last two done -- and I have plenty of time to do so -- then I will have a nice set of outlines for NaNo. 

What I don't have is a release for this month or for November.  I also don't have the Flash Fiction stories written ahead of time to go up.

Good think there's still about 3 weeks left in the month.

October 8, 2014

Work, work, work.  The weather is getting colder.  I have to think about how to handle this coming winter.  Ugh.  It's so annoying because I used to love winter.  Now I've come to dread it.

NaNo is coming.  I think I'm going to be ready.  Really.  Probably means things are not going to go well.

October 9, 2014

Nice dinner out tonight.  Also bought a small stuffed black cat and named him Zed (Zaphod and Edmond).  He might go in the car with Edzee (Edmond and Zaphod).

The outline is moving along.  On the penultimate story now and seeing how everything falls together for the last two pieces.  This is going well.  I'm happy.  I have no idea how long the stories are going to be, but if I can get 30k out of each -- yeah, that would be good.

Other than that?  Not much.  Need to do my Flash Friday story and work on a few to get ahead of the game.  Either that or just count them as part of the novel come November.

And November is going to be here Very Soon.

October 10, 2014

We bought a new electric blanket.  Yay!  Something about a freeze warning tonight got us moving. 

Also -- no newsletters for the rest of the month.  I am happy.

Spent part of the day just kind of messing around, to be honest.  Did some pretend cover art (NaNo stuff) and in general didn't worry about much of anything.  Nice day except for a really bad headache.

October 11, 2014

So headache?  Not helped by hitting my head on the edge of a counter as I stood up.  Yes, thank you so much.

Having odd computer problems again.  Or maybe my brain is simply not connecting.  Need to get work done. 

October 12, 2014

Well so far today the computer is acting very odd, my head hurts, I am out of allergy pills, which means I am sneezing a lot . . . and my head hurts.  Not a good combination.

I am hoping to get some fun stuff done today, though.  I am at a really good point at the outline.  Guess I better get to work on it.

October 13, 2014

So tonight we ordered a new tea maker.  Amazon had one on sale ($130 dollars off a Cusinart!) that allows for programable temps.  it will be here on Thursday.  Yay!  I can go back to loose teas again!  The best of both worlds, because you can also use tea bags, of course.

I am on the last episode for my 'series' that I'm writing for NaNo. The outline, that is.  I don't quite see where this is going, but I'm still moving along with it.  I think this is going to be a good NaNo!

Other then that?  Not much to say.  My mind is churning with tea and story stuff.  LOL

October 14, 2014

Outlines are such odd things.  I don't know what to expect sometimes.  This one keeps speeding up and slowing down.  I think I see the path, and then something leaps up in the way and I have to start rethinking where I'm going.  I want this beast done.  I do have other things in life.


I'll think of what they are at some point.

October 15, 2014

I am down to the last few sections of the outline and . . . it refuses to move forward.  I just can't see the ending of it. Something big.  Something cliff-hangerish, I think.  Will I even get this far during NaNo?  Do I need to worry about it?

I want to see this all the way to the end before I start the actual writing.  We have two weeks to go until then, but . . .

Ack.  This needs to fall together better.

I'm going to be a wreck for NaNo this year.

October 16, 2014

The outline is done!  It's going to be a long story and it's going to be fun to write.  I'm sure there are going to be lots of changes along the way, but I intend to have a good NaNo and have fun.

Or at least that's the plan.

I have new tea stuff on the way.  New tea maker and new tea.  I'm rearranging the kitchen.  I don't know that it will be better, but it is . . . different.

October 17, 2014

Okay, so I have the outline done.  What do I do for the rest of the month?  I really don't want to get too involved in anything.  I think I'll just jab at some other outlines that need to be finished before the end of the year, but not get crazy with word counts.  Maybe play with other programs.  I did finish the timeline for the IWC Universe, so that's good.  I'll be moving things around and updating a few stories to cover things going on.  This is really important on Tempest. That world has too much going on.

Edit a bit, too.  I want to get In the Shadow of Giants done.  For such a relatively short novel, it really is taking a lot of work!


October 18, 2014

Work work work. Work some more.  Eventually I might actually get something done, but right now I wouldn't count on it.

I've decided not to publish anything else this year, unless it is in December, and we'll see when I get there.  I've made it through a number of 'last edit' books the last couple years, and now I'm on to material that really does take more work.  I am not going to rush them through

That includes In the Shadow of Angels.  It's a slow edit, but I really love what I'm getting.

October 19, 2014

We went up to South Dakota today, which was nice except for the car . . . broken shock on the back right tire.  You really don't notice how bad roads are until you have a car with a problem like this.  Wow.

I think it's been giving me headaches and backaches.  I really hadn't put it together until now.  But we are going to get past this problem here soon, so yay!

October 20, 2014

I am having a hard time dealing with the idea of nearly into winter.  I really don't want to to there again.  I keep looking around, trying to come up with ways to have a nice comfortable place to work that will be better than the last couple years and not so depressing.  I don't know.  Nothing seems to look good right now.

Though the weather is nice at the moment.  Maybe I shouldn't look for trouble.  It'll hit soon enough.

October 21, 2014

I was ill today.  Ill enough to stay in bed and hope it didn't get worse. Then, in late afternoon, I finally crawled out and got some work done.  It is now nearly 2 am and I'm about to crawl back into bed again and read.

NaNo is getting closer.

I'm trying to write up some Flash Friday stuff for the rest of this month and next month.  it's going slowly, but getting there.  And that's about it!

October 22, 2014

Edmond has a cold and fever, poor little guy.  We should have some medication for him soon, though.  He won't like it, but he'll be better soon.

I am having trouble focusing on anything at all right now.  I'm ready for NaNo to begin just to get it out of the way.  I need to revisit the outline and see if I need to add stuff anywhere along the way.  I know the first one was weak because I couldn't feel where I was going yet.

I don't want to do that too soon, though.  Just the last couple days before NaNo.

Which gives me a week to fill still.  Ack.

October 24, 2014

Edmond is ill.  I am ill.  This is not the best way to be heading into NaNo.  I need to create a layout for my station, too.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I think.

Other stuff?  Is there anything other than NaNo?  We're having incredible weather here.  That counts for something.

October 25, 2014

This has been the best autumn we've had in YEARS.  The colors are lovely, there's been no huge wind storm and no ice storm, and it's just wonderful.  I'm sure this means we're going to have a horrible winter when it does hit, but for now . . . nice.  Getting some great shots, too.

I'm just poking at work right now.  I'm good for the month except I would like to get a few flash fictions done.

NaNo is almost upon us.  Yay!

October 26, 2014

Well, counting down the days now, aren't we?  I am more ready than I usually am, but still think there are several things I need to get done before November 1.  Doesn't help that I am not feeling well.  But still -- we're getting there.

Want to copy something here so I have it.  This is an answer to a post on FB:

This woman (and the others harping on the same thing) clearly has had no real interaction with other writers on any serious level. Revision a problem with NaNo writers? Of course it is -- because it is a problem I see with a lot of new writers everywhere (and 11 years running a site for writers has given me that contact -- plus another 7 as the second in command of the site). Yes, there are more of them in December sending out their material. It's not smart, but it happens all year round. The moment someone writes 'The End' (and sometimes before that) they are sending out those queries.

Each year we convince more of them that this is not the right thing to do. Each year more new writers join in and don't realize how silly it is to send out something they haven't even re-read, let alone revised and edited.

But all in all, most people are never going to see NaNo novels. Most of the novels are never going to leave the computer where they were born. Stop trying to tell people how they can spend their Novembers. If they were out drinking every night she wouldn't be as concerned.

There.  Now back to work!

October 27, 2014

We have had lovely weather, but we're starting to head into cold now.  Still, better than it has been for a few years, so I can't complain too much. 

My new tea maker is wonderful.  I love making teas in it and I'm going to have to put in orders for a few more soon.  Should be fun.

Other than that?  Not much going on here expect getting ready for NaNo.  Should be fun!

October 28, 2014

I have about half of the Flash fiction done for November finally.  Yay!  I'm doing a little four (or maybe eight) part adventure.  Once I had an idea, it really started moving.

Which is good.  I need to get this kind of stuff out of the way.  It will make the month a lot easier to handle.  So-- yeah, go write some more so I can be ready to write.

I'm sure there's some logic here.

October 29, 2014

Edmond is still ill.  He's had meds and a shot and this cold just isn't going away, which is worrying me.  I hope it clears up soon.  At least he's up and moving around and doesn't seem quite as congested as he had been.

The weather is getting colder.  it dropped down to 34f last night.  ugh.  Winter!  I wonder what kind of weather we'll be having this year.

Running out of days before NaNo. Still have a few things to get done.  Eek.

October 30, 2014

Almost there.  I am really looking forward to getting the novel started.  I hope it goes well.  Some nice writing would be fun for awhile.  I am not going to get the editing for In the Shadow of Giants done, though.  I could probably rush it, but I don't want to.  I want this one to have all the time it needs.

Almost there, almost there!

October 31, 2014

I woke up incredibly ill and spent most of the day in bed.  Just great.  Still not feeling great and only an hour and a half to go.  Ugh.

But I am going to start at midnight, even if I don't get much done. 

Just figures, though, that I would start feeling awful hours before the start.