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February 1, 2015

First day of the month . . . not good.  The illness really caught up with me this time.  I hope that crawling into bed and not coming out until spring will help.


February 2, 2015

We finally have snow.  I don't know if that's good or bad, but at least it looks pretty outside.  Not that I'm spending a lot of time standing up at windows -- or standing up at all.  This flu is miserable.  I hope it goes away soon.

Getting some writing done.  Trying to focus on things, but the mind is not up to it.  I think I'm starting to feel better, but I don't know.  Going to be a very long winter at this rate.

February 3, 2015

So, trying to get writing done.  It's moving but it just seems lackluster at the moment.  Then I go back and read something and realize that's not so bad after all, so it must just be my attitude.  Winter, I suppose.  At least it's pretty out there with the snow.

I've been reworking some of the stuff in my office and trying to get my desk cleared a bit more, for all the good that does me. 

Okay, that's it for today.

February 4, 2015

I am cold today, which is annoying.  I otherwise feel okay for once.  I'd like to do some fun stuff because I am almost done with my writing for the day.  I hope the room warms up soon!

I am about half way through a Plague of Rats.  I have not gotten enough editing done on In the Shadow of Giants.  Hmmm.  I guess I know what I'm doing the rest of the day.

February 5, 2015

I wish whatever it is that's attacking me would just go away.  I felt worse today than I had last week.  It gets better, worse, better, much worse.  I'm not getting much done and I'm annoyed with everything.

February 6, 2015

So, we're back to the warm weather again.  Right.

This is just weird.  I don't ever remember a winter with so much up and down in temps. And the east coast is going to get more snow.  I'm sure they're thrilled.

Writing is going fine.  Work is going fine.  Eventually I'll have something done!

February 7, 2015

I fixed My computer today.  Yay!  it's finally running fast again and I can type more than three words before it stops and thinks about it.  LOL

This will help with my mood.  it's been annoying not to be able to really work on anything without long pauses. Now that I know where to look if this happens again, I'm going to be much happier with life.

Got a lot of writing done, too.  But it's late now.  I need rest.  Having some fun, though!

February 8, 2015

Working at things.  Working at other things.  Ignoring the fact that a month from today I'll be another year older. See how well I ignored that one?

Really, just not getting enough stuff done.  I need to take charge of things and push on again.  I can do this.  I've just gotten sort of lazy and run down lately.

This is an odd winter.  Warm, cold, COLD, WARM, cold.  Not much snow at our end, but boy are they getting hit on the East Coast.  I think this whole winter is messing with my mind.

February 9, 2015

I think I'm about to hire an editor for In the Shadow of Giants.  I hope this works out all right.  I'd like this book to do well.

The  cover art for it is giving me fits.  Just fits.  I have ideas but . . . none of it is going as well as I would like.  I'm getting closer, though.

The rest of the writing is just moving along.  The focus on the book I want to release is taking most of my attention. That's good, really.

But I'll be glad to be done with this one.

February 10, 2015

I have an editor!  And she said nice things about the test stuff she got to see if we could work together, so I have hopes this is going to go well.

Thinking good thoughts.

I also seem to have stumbled onto my cover.  I suddenly saw something in my head -- and it all fell together from there.

I am going to take all of this as a good sign.

February 11, 2015

The weather went cold again.  However, really, we only have another month of this stuff.  I am so looking forward to spring.  I hope we have a car we can use to go places by then.  I want to go take pictures of fun things again.

First 1/3 of the novel is off to the editor.  Let's have some good thoughts here.  I am trying not to think about it and get worried.  Because that's what I do.

I've found some new art stuff to spend yet more money on.  I'm pretty sure I need to stop doing that now.  Just the same . . . lots of fun!

February 12, 2015

I am inching forward in the editing of In the Shadow of Giants.  How odd.  Now that the novel is going to an editor, I'm more worried about it than if I were publishing it next instead.  I guess it's just the act of doing something different.

Weather is going up and down still.  Makes me really wonder about spring.

Art is fun.

February 13, 2015

Work, work -- more work.  I got things done around the house, too.  But mostly I've been trying to work on In the Shadow of Giants.  I will get this beast right.  But I might not be done before my birthday.  I'm thinking not, now.

That's okay.  I need to be more flexible about these things.

Nothing else to talk about.  Not even reading much right now.

February 14, 2015

Russ brought me lovely flowers and a teddy bear -- and the flowers are in a cup so I'll have that later!  So nice and cute!

He read a few pages of In the Shadow of Giants (it was up for editing, what a shock) and liked it.  So that was lovely, too!

Nice day, except for the headache that just came up and the trouble with the pizza.  But overall, very nice.

February 15, 2015

I did a huge amount of editing today.  It was about all my brain could focus on, which is fine.  Good, really.  I need to get this done.  But I think I haven't gotten the scene right.  I need to go back again.

That's okay.  I'm ready for this.  I'll figure something out.

Writing is fun, but I can be frustrating when things are not quite going the way they should.

February 16, 2015

Today I worked on everything except what I had intended to work on.  Oh well, I'll get to it tomorrow, I hope.  I am almost done with the novel, but I realized . . . the big scene isn't big enough.


Someone has to die.

Back to the book.

February 17, 2015

Cold weather again.  This is really getting annoying.  But we are closer to spring.

I am almost done with the novel.  Then off to the editor.  This has been a difficult bit of work.

And I'm not feeling well.  I know this winter is really hitting me hard for some reason.

February 18, 2015

I have written the author's note at the end of the book.  I think, really, that I am done.  This is kind of amazing because I was starting to think it would never end.  There was a point where I started editing one chapter and had 15 pages left in the book. When I got done with the chapter I had 20 pages left in the book.

But . . . done.  Really done.  I'm happy.

February 19, 2015

Just a few little nudges at the book today and then a lot of writing on my FF and other things.  The FF turned out very good.

Weather is a bit warmer again.  I'll be happy with that because just not feeling great right now.  I'm pushing away at the work, though.  I'll be heading back into the other worlds soon, too.  Yay!

Have to start really thinking about what to start for my birthday, too!  ACK!  That's not far away at all!

February 20, 2015

So, with In the Shadow of Giants done, I now have time to work on other things again.

Yes. Good.  Other things.

It took me most of the day, but I finally got some progress on the Outsiders: Sleeper Awake outline, which is good -- that's the story I hope to start writing on my birthday.  I don't know if I'll have the outline done or not, but it's moving a bit again.  I think I'm going to have to go fill in some chapters, though because what's happening in the outline now may be too soon.  I don't know; it felt right when I put it together, so maybe this is either a short novel or there's more to tell AFTER this reveal than I originally thought.

We'll see.  I have some time to play with it.

Have a fever that keeps going up and down, up and down.  This is probably not helping much.

February 21, 2015

Okay, did better today.  Got some work done on the outline for Outcasts: Sleeper Awake -- good thing since I'm going to start the novel on March 8.  I wrote on Home: Year 1: Crash, which I hadn't touched in a while.  I did a good amount of work on the rewrite of A Plague of Rats.

And I did art, too.  So, over all, got quite a bit done today thought it didn't feel like it at the time.  But yay!  Need to just keep pushing at this stuff and start working towards other new stuff.  I am very close to 100 novels written.  I can do it this year if I write five NEW novels.  The rewrites won't count.  So, Home counts and the one on Outcasts: Sleeper Awake will count -- as long as both of them make it to novel length.  I need 3 more.  I have the Jami outline so that's good.  I don't know if I have any other outlines so I better start thinking about it.

Yes, good to have goals.

February 22, 2015

Got some of the edits back tonight!  Yay!  Working on that and I agree with most of them.  Got writing done, too.  But mostly I am working on the edits.  I can't do a lot of them all at once because that causes headache which makes me want to argue with changes.  But it's going well.

Back to work.  Ignoring the horrible cold weather.  Are we ever going to have nice weather and maybe find a vehicle that will allow us to go somewhere, too?  I so want to just go somewhere.  I haven't been farther than across the river since September.  This is miserable.

February 23, 2015

I miss the zoo.  I miss De Soto and Squaw Creek and even the little pond about a mile away.  Unfortunately, riding in the car is so incredibly painful that I avoid it as much as I can.

Which puts me in this little room maybe a bit too often.

Ah well, at least it's warm.  We're looking at cold weather again.  Ugh.

February 24, 2015

It cannot possibly be nearly the end of the month.  Really.  I demand more time.

On the other hand, that would probably be more cold time, so maybe not so great an idea.

Okay. We'll just go with 'oh hell, I need to get stuff done!'

February 25, 2014

I've been playing around with art stuff again.  And editing. And editing some more.  The story is better for it.

The weather is just cold again.  I keep telling myself we're closer to spring.  Of course, then we'll be facing summer.

My brain is either mush or frozen.  I can't decide which.

February 26, 2015

I hurt my back.  The kind of big hurt where I can't even walk from room to room.  This is pretty miserable, and I hope it clears up soon.

Ugh.  Annoying.  And not helping me get the last of the month stuff done.

February 27, 2015

Back is still bad.  I am hobbling along with a cane when I absolutely have to move.  Other than that, it's either flat in bed or here with a pillow behind me and ignoring that it still hurts.

I am not a happy person.

Just going to get some work done and hope for the best by tomorrow.

February 28, 2015

Despite far too many things getting out of hand, I got everything updated for the start of March.  March is looking good, too, as far as weather goes.  Going to be warm for at least part of it!  Yay!

Now if I can just get my back to clear up.