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February 1, 2016

Today I started editing Kat Among the Pigeons.  I think I've got the knack of this, by combining several reports and running them all at once.  I'm happy with what I've found so far, and it has not been overwhelming for the first 20 pages.  This is really good.

And the snow is really apparently coming our way.  Maybe more than ten inches?  That's not Armageddon snow but it is certainly going to slow things up around here.

I went out and bought a big white snow teddy bear.  I'm ready.

February 2, 2016

While we didn't get a lot of snow, we did get wind and stuff with it.  That made it a bit more miserable.  We got lucky, though.  I've seen snow pics from elsewhere.  And the weather in the south is turning bad.

Didn't get much done today, though.  I should have gotten more, but Just felt like an odd day.  Russ worked from next door.  I tried to write.  I'll write some more still tonight, but should have done better on such a lovely can't do anything else snow day.

February 3, 2016

The writing and editing both went well today.  I even had enough time to go tea shopping, which is always a dangerous thing for me.  I am considering something drastic to restock teas today.  We'll see.  I might not be that crazy.

Well, yes, I am that crazy, but I might not do it anyway.  We'll see.

Raventower is turning out to be a better book than I had hoped.  The first draft has problems, of course, but the story is inching up to 50k with a great deal more of the story to tell.  This is rare for me.  I am usually top heavy and at about 30k the story starts rushing towards the end.

Everything is looking pretty good, though.  I will have to write at least 2k a day on it to get it done before March, though.

February 4, 2016

The snow is deep out there.  The house is cold.  But I'm doing fine in my little office.  I want to do more photo stuff, but time and space are playing against me.  I'll get it worked out as soon as I can get better control of what I'm doing.

Like that is ever really going to happen.

I'm back to reading the Cambridge Ancient History series, too.  Good.

And I've ordered more tea.

Can't complain about any of that!

February 5, 2016

Raventower is still moving along so well that it is almost scary.  I haven't had this much fun with a first draft in a long time.  The outline is almost perfect.  I am 165 words short of 50k and I still have quite a ways to go.  In fact, I am only about half way through the outline, but the second half will probably run shorter than the first half.  That's because most of the set up is in place and we'll be moving on into more action scenes, which should be shorter.

Oh, just thought of something to add to the outline.

There.  Got that little piece nestled in there.  Will need to think about what I really want it to mean when I get to that point, but over all -- oh, this is fun.  I've been writing the story for over a month now.  I really can't wait to read it.

Editing is now on Kat Among the Pigeons which also has a lovely new cover.  I'm about 60 pages into it and plan to do at least 10 pages a day.  20 would be better, but this intensive editing can make you sloppy if you get bored.

I plan to set up my little mini photo studio tonight and play around.  I just need to get my writing stuff done first.  Ten pages done on editing already.  Back to work on Raventower!

February 6, 2016

Very very sick.  What an awful day.  Hope I'm better tomorrow.  Too dizzy to do much

February 7, 2016

Trying to get work done today.  Feeling better but not great.  Had a wonderful ride though and saw lots of geese.

Getting newsletter done and other stuff.

I'll have more tea in a few days.  And new cups and tea cases.  There's something to look forward to!

February 8, 2016

Zaphod was kind of silly today.  I wrapped him up in  piece of black cloth and got pictures of him.  He's a very cooperative cat.

I want to get back to doing more photo stuff.  And other stuff.  And more stuff.

But the writing is still going well.  Raventower is just a lot of fun.  Kat Among the Pigeons is going okay in the edit.    Really nothing to complain about with all of that stuff.  I suspect I'm going to miss Raventower when I'm done with the novel.

February 9, 2016

I've been holding steady at about 3k a day this month.  The writing and editing are going very well and I expect to get Raventower done pretty soon.  I'm sitting at about 60k right now.

Once it is done, I'll start working on the Jami outline again.  Taht's what I start on the 8th.  Less than a month away now!  ACK!

Okay, yes.  Time to get things done.

February 10, 2016

More tea and two gorgeous cups arrived today!  Lots and lots and lots of tea.  So much so, that I realized before it arrived that I would need new tea chests like the clear ones I already have.  So I ordered 4 more and they should be here in a day or two.  They're expensive, but they really help with the Stash tea so that you can see all the choices.

Writing is good.  I got a little slowed down at a transition piece, but Raventower still went over 60k and is about to hit a big change point.  Things are going to go fast after that, I think.

February 11, 2016

Was not feeling great again today.  Russ took me for a little ride when he got home, though, which helped.  It was lightly snowing and we just drove around town and watched it for a bit.  It was nice to get out of the  house and away from the computer.

Other than that -- no tea chests today, though some tea did arrive.  Replacements for some of the Republic of Tea ones that I was running low on, and that will not be in production the rest of the year.  I had to break myself from drinking the one every day because I'll run out far too soon.

Writing is writing.  It is going well.  I hope it continues that way for a while longer!

February 12, 2016

I spent a lot of time tonight sorting teas.  It was wonderful, peaceful, and I didn't care about the weather at all.  Snowy outside?  Who cares!  My lovely little office was warm.

The story has hit a little snag.  I hope it doesn't slow me down for too long.  I just need to work out a bit of a problem.

The weekend is going to be cold.  And then we're going to start getting warm again.  Yay!  Maybe there will be an early spring after all.

February 13, 2016

A very cold, cold, cold day.  But maybe this is the last one?  I hope so.  I'm ready to see green grass, birds, bugs -- stuff to take pictures of.  I'm ready for my house not to be frigid and to be able to leave my little office and walk around again.

I think I'm getting too old for these winters.  This year it just depressed me.  Other years I liked to watch the snow and stuff, but this year -- no, can't say that I enjoyed it at all.

And yes, I have a problem with the story.  I'll get it worked out.  I need it done on time!

February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was not feeling great, though.  We ate at Sonic rather than going to Sioux Falls and Casa Del Rey.  I want to get back there soon, though.  I love that food.  LOL

And the ride is nice.  Not a very exciting ride, but it is out of the house.  That counts.

Raventower is giving me a little bit of trouble.  Once I get past this spot, though, it should go better again.  And it's not horrible right now, just that I had an odd problem and need to work it out a bit.

February 15, 2016

I have put a fix in place for the novel.  It may not be the final fix, but it is allowing me to get closer to where I can pick up the outline again.  I think I am still missing something, but I'm going to go with this for now and then think it out in the rewrite.  I believe I am on the right path, but the circumstances may not be quite right.

But still, it's moving.  That's what counts.  I think about 1k more and I'll be back on the outline.  I can do that!

OH, and we had 40 degree weather today!  Yes!  And it will be about 60 by the end of the week!  The snow will be gone.  Will it be back?  This is an early thaw so we could get a couple more snow storms before winter is really over.

But . . . warmer!  Yay!

February 16, 2016

I am trying to figure out how to make this part of the novel work.  I have a thought, but -- not quite working the way I think it should.  Argh!

But weather is getting better and there is nothing to complain much about for that reason.  Will this really be an early spring?  Or are we going to dip down into snow again in a week or so?  So far the reports are staying in the 40's.  Yay!

February 17, 2016

Good work day, even though Raventower is still fighting me.  I think I've got the break through, though, and simply need to get it written out.

Weather is nicer.  Tomorrow it will be 50!  Yay!

So much to get done in the next two weeks, though.  I need focus.  Or something.  More hands?  To be able to write in bed? 

Oh, a lot of things to get done.  Just get to them!

February 18, 2016

We had a quick trip up to Vermillion, South Dakota today.  That was a nice change of pace. 

Raventower is moving up to 60k and doing really, really well.  Oh, it slows down here and there, but over all -- it is a joy to write.  You don't get that luck very often.

February 19, 2016

I have to start thinking about March and the new novel I start on my birthday.  This has me worried because I fear I won't have Raventower done in time to rework the outline for Jami.  I keep bouncing back and forth on what I want to do for that outline, too.  There is a direction it took that I just think needs to be removed and something else done.  Ugh.  I don't know.

So many odd things to worry about!  But mostly I just need to keep writing.

February 20, 2016

The snow is melting away.  Will we get more again before real spring hits?  I have the feeling that we're done with any significant snow for now.  I think that's fine.  I want spring again.

We went out to Bacon Park this afternoon.  Got food from Tastees and just enjoyed watching fools ice fishing -- not what I would be doing with the weather so warm the last few days, but they appeared to know what they were doing.

Nice to get out for a little while.

February 21, 2016

Write, write and write some more.  I love days when I can just slip into a novel and run away with hit for awhile.

But I have to say I'm ready to move back out of the little office and feel like there is room and light and air again.  Come on spring!  I'm ready for you!

And back to writing.

February 22, 2016

Yeah.  Really.  Ready for Spring.

Not ready to be this close to March, though.  Only seven more days?  I don't think I'm going to have Raventower done by then.  I'm getting closer to 70k, though.  I thought this was going to be an 80k book.  I was wrong.

But -- still a fun book to write!

Oh and the edits on Kat are nearly done, too.  I think I'll release the new version in early March.  Sounds like fun.



February 23, 2016

We had enough sunshine and warmth today that cats and dog curled up in puddles of light from the windows.  It was very cute.

Yes, over 70k on the novel.  Other things that are taking my time.  I want to write!

February 24, 2016

I know I have one problem with Raventower, and that's the lack of steampunk things.  Oh, there are some.  And sometimes they are the main part of the story and all but sometimes I slip off out of that world.  I'll need to be more obvious about it when I do the edit/rewrite.  I think I'll get a steampunk book to help me out.  A dictionary type book -- I've seen a few of them around.

But in the meantime -- yes, keep writing.  The story is fun.

February 25, 2016

The snow is almost gone.  We're going to be getting more cold again, though.  And maybe more snow, but I have my doubts on that one.

And here we are with less than a week left in the month.  No, I can't say Raventower is going to get done.  No, really can't say that, though I'm doing well with the story.  These are great characters to write.

February 26, 2016

Ah, the last three days of the month. 

We had a gorgeous sunset tonight.  It's been a while since I saw a sunset because the timing is all wrong with Russ's work.  But tonight it was still there as we headed out (Friday!  Payday!) and it was nice to get some pictures.

Spring is coming.

So I March.  Eeek.

February 27, 2016

We had 70 degree weather today!

Wow.  Would have liked to get out in that, but Russ had out of town company.  I stepped outside a couple times.  it was scary, that warmth.  In February?  Some computer glitched.

Soon, though.  Soon it will be March and April and warm again.  I'll move back out of the little room to the spot where I can see the bird feeders.  Everything will be nice.

Until summer hits.  LOL.

February 28, 2016

I should be working harder on Raventower.

Instead, we went to DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge.  That was no fun!  Hawks, eagles, turkeys, gulls, ducks, other birds -- very nice to see them but it was incredibly windy!  And cold! 

Still, nice to get out of the house.  I wasn't going to get Raventower done before March 1 anyway!

February 29, 2016

The day of insanity.  End of the month.  So much to get done everywhere and everyone wants something more -- but I got most of it done.  I did not, of course, get Raventower finished.  However, with almost everything else cleared out of the way, I might have a chance to really leap in and get the last sections written.  Yay!  I hope so!

Also, I found a print out of Jami Outline which will help me rework it.  I hope.

I need more time!