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June 1, 2016

A couple days ago I pulled out the print pictures from the best vacation ever in June of 1997.  I've been having a great time scanning them in, playing with them, thinking about printing a few off.

I had an amusing thought during the process of pulling out all the photos.  I though "Wow, that's a lot of photos!  There must be at least 300 to 400 of them!"  Then I realized that I took over 500 pictures on one day at Squaw Creek Refuge last Sunday.  LOL!  Well, there is a reason to love the digital photography age!

I am inching in on the end of Raventower again.  The edit has gone well.  I need to do a clean up still and probably nudge a few more places - - but it looks good.

I have no idea what I am going to do when I'm done.

June 2, 2016

I am really enjoying playing with Lightroom and the scanned pictures from 1997.  I have no idea what I will do with them when I'm done.  it's just fun to see them again.  Putting them on the computer makes them accessible, too.

I honestly hadn't remembered that there were two trips, though.  We went back again in 1997 -- but then I had a digital camera, the old Sony FD91.  Not a great camera by today's standards.  I want to take my Canon T4i to the mountains at least.  I can't see how we could ever get back to Chaco and probably not even Mesa Verde.  But I have pictures.

I'm closing in on the end of Raventower.  I have also started running Mirrors 1 through Grammarly.  That's going fast, at least.  I'll get Mirrors 2 as well and finally publish something new soon!


June 3, 2016

A surprise trip to Sioux Falls and Casa Del Rey turned out even better because of some fantastic storm clouds along the way.  Wow!  That was really great!

Oh and the food was wonderful, too!

Overall, it was a good day.  Got writing done.  Got editing done.  Life is good.

June 4, 2016

Another good day of work. 

I am 30 pages from finishing this draft of Raventower.  I am also more than half way through Mirrors 1.  Oh how nice it will be to get everything done and published!

I am trying to remind myself that I am a professional writer.  It's not easy some days when it feels as though no matter how much you go over a story, you simply just cannot get it right.

Just have to keep at it.

June 5, 2016

It's amazing how you can get close to the end of a book and it can just keep dragging out there.  It's true for me in writing and in editing.  It is moving closer, but things are simply not quite right.

No surprise.  If they were right, I wouldn't need to worry about edit and such, right?

So, back to work.

June 6, 2016

Much the same as yesterday.  Will be much the same tomorrow.  Even if I get one or both of the book done (Raventower, Mirrors1), it will still go on.  This is not the last edit for Raventower, and there is the second Mirrors novel.

Must keep moving.  Must keep working.  Eventually, it will all be done.

Except, of course, for the next work after it.

June 7, 2016

Not a good day.  I will no longer be doing DAZ newsletters. They are going to do the work in-house from now on.  I'm done.


Going to have to make more on books again.  Russ is convinced I can do it.  I am not so much, but maybe once my attitude gets better, I'll think better of it.  Right now, I don't even want to look at work.

I am also very, very tired tonight.

Just an ugh day.

June 8, 2016

Russ is doing his best to keep me from going crazy.  Nice rides, discussions about writing, that kind of stuff.  It really helps.  I will eventually calm down and accept all this.

And now that I really, truly can direct all my attention back to writing . . . yeah, that's not happening so much.  Getting a lot of editing done, though.  But what I really need is to work on something new.

It will happen.  Starting to get ideas and notes together, just waiting for it all to start falling into place.

June 9, 2016

Today was an odd day.  Doctor's appointment and then off to South Dakota to visit peoples!  It was a nice trip.  Did not get a lot of work done, but I did manage to get started on my flash fiction for this week!  Yay!  More thoughts about next new novels, too.

I can do this.  Just have to get past the 'panic' stage of everything!

June 10, 2016

Okay, flash fiction is done and posted.  Good work, zette.  Finally getting something actually done again.

I think what I need to do is just relax and work into this instead of panic-induced OMG no money stuff.  It's not like I won't write.  I just need to take the time I put into DAZ stuff and put it back into publishing.  I can do this.

I am also hiding out in my house in this horrible hot weather, but it will not last for too long.  In the meantime, I become a hobbit and hide in my little writing hole, working away on various things.  This will be fun!  That's something I hadn't seriously considered until now.  I love writing and I enjoyed publishing.  If I can draw in a few more readers, it will be great.  I think I can do that, too.

Time to get to work again!

June 11, 2016

Edit, edit, edit, edit, oh and then edit.

Realize something you need to change in the previous book.  Edit it.  Go back and add more to the new book.  Edit some more.

If I thought it would really do any good . . . yeah, I'd be a lot happier about things.

June 12, 2016

Another mass shooting.  I don't understand any of it -- not the person who did the shooting and not the people who celebrate what he did, and not the people who think having these sorts of weapons -- which are not hunting guns and aren't needed for house protection -- as something they cannot give up for the betterment of others.

I'm starting to think their attitude is just as bad as any foreign terrorist groups.  They're aiding enemies.  Maybe they should be treated that way.

Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood tonight.

June 13, 2016

I've spent the day watching birds at the feeder and trying to believe that not everything is bad in the world, though in order to do believe so, I pretty much have to not look at anything but the birds.  People are evil.

I just want to write fun books and enjoy things -- and let other people enjoy their lives as well.

June 14, 2016

Trying to get past anger and lethargy today.  They're working in tandem  to just make certain I don't get anything done.  But in the midst of a lot of 'I don't care' came an odd idea for a new novel.  It's one that had started plaguing me about a year ago, but never grew into anything useable.  Today . . . well maybe it is growing.  It looks massive from this side -- but who knows?  It might not be any more than a novella by the time I write it.

No title for it, not yet.  Only two shadowy characters and one pre-story event that sets it all into action.  I have a few ideas for trouble once the story gets moving.

This is good.  I need something to take my attention right now.  I've got a lot of editing done.  I need to format the two Mirrors books for print.  I need to work on outlines for future stuff -- which is why the idea is so nice right now.

I would like to find ideas for sequels to a couple other things, though.  My mind hasn't been receptive.  I hope that changes soon.

June 15, 2016

Today I got bad news about my oldest friend.  I will keep thinking good thoughts, though.  Right now I'm in a bad place with it, but I'm going to believe things will get better.

I simply can't focus on much, though.  Got work done.  Had leftovers for dinner.  Just mostly ready to crawl into a hole now, though.

June 16, 2016

Not doing much better today.  Getting things done.  That's about it.

June 17, 2016

And ill today, which is not a surprise.

I am trying to believe that something is going to get better.  I am not saying my life is bad, but overall -- it would be nice if something good would happen.  I am trying to create fun, like scanning in all the pictures from the 1997 vacation.  We are eating at home, which is odd but I don't mind cooking.  Just have to get into the knack of it and get things working so I can cook more.

I had hoped we would be most of the way to the mountains by now -- though it is not a good day for it anyway.  Way too hot.  And there are car problems.  Of course.  But still . . . I have waited a lot of years with the thought that 'next year' we'll go again.  This is a year that makes you realize that there is no next year for things.  Either things happen or they don't, and there is no accumulation of 'maybe next year' that will make the next time any more likely.

June 18, 2016

Incredible storm last night!  Branches down all over the place, lots of lightning, and a touch of rain.  Power out in some areas, but we got lucky. 

And today Russ took me to DeSoto!  Nice trip, some good decisions about writing, and saw lots of odd birds, but not much else.  Weather is just too hot, I think.

I am really, really tired, though.

I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.

June 19, 2016

We had a quiet day.  I got more writing stuff done.  I am still having trouble with the idea that I don't have a newsletter to do, but over all -- not bad.

I am ready to publish the two Mirrors books.  Yay!

It's about time.  And I'm working on Living in Caine's Hold for the next book, which doesn't look nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Yay for that, too!

June 20, 2016

I published Mirrors and Mirrors 2 today.  I published them on three different sites and I had more trouble than I should have had -- but I got them done. 

I was way out of practice for this stuff.  And I had forgotten to do a few important things that I'm just glad I saw right away and could replace the files.

There are days when I shouldn't be allowed to do this stuff.

But it is all done and with luck, Living in Caine's Hold will not be too far behind.

June 21, 2016

Living in Caine's Hold has been going well!  I think there are going to be rough spots, but I'm pleased so far! 

I must keep working, pushing, doing better and publishing more.  It's not going to be easy, but I can do it.

June 22, 2016

This is our 37th anniversary!  Wow!

The day did not start out great.  Dustbunny was ill all night and into today, but with a phone call to the vet and a few things, she was doing much better by noon.  So we headed down to the Lee G. Simmons Wildlife Safari.  I got some great pictures!  And on the way home, Russ bought me three cute little glass creatures -- two cats and a turtle!

I am exhausted though, even though I slept quite a bit the last few days.  Tomorrow it's back to normal work, though.  Well, as normal as it gets for me!

June 23, 2016

And back to work stuff.

All I really want to do is go crawl into bed and sleep.  Wow have I been tired lately!

I've gotten writing done today, at least.  Played with my photo studio.  Tried to get some idea of the sorts of things that I should be doing.  Write more.  I need to work on new ideas.

Or maybe just to take a nap.

June 24, 2016

We took the puppy to the vet today. She's doing much better, I'm glad to say.

Other than that, I can't say much for the day.  Drove through Stone State Park which was nice.  Russ went into the store and got groceries while I read my Nook in the car -- the place was about to close and I would only slow him down.

Working on Living in Caine's Hold.  I need to think about some stuff.  Writing things.  Yeah, just as soon as my brain recovers.

That won't be tonight.

Off to watch the last two episodes of the History of India and do some reading!

June 25, 2016

Now I am deep into the work on Living in Caine's Hold.  I need expansion of some areas, better explanations about the structure of the world itself, and more material on Christy living out on the street.

But overall, I think I have a good story here.  I have notes to handle some of the other stuff, and a lot of thoughts about things to add.  Nothing is completely clear yet, though.

But that is mostly where my day went.  It's looking good.

June 26, 2016

I made it through the first run of Living in Caine's Hold.  I see problems and I have faint ideas of what I want to do, but so far -- yeah, it's going well.  I can have it done by the end of July, especially since I don't have anything else taking my attention.

I am still having trouble with the idea of not having work.  Ugh.  But if I can just start getting some sales for my books again, I'll be doing fine.

And I need to start thinking more about new stuff again.

So much to do yet, if I can just get things done.  If I can focus. 


June 27, 2016

Wow!  We went on a lovely and unexpected ride tonight through a bunch of small towns in Northeast Nebraska, mostly chasing some great clouds.  What fun!

I got some great pictures and some more great time away from the computer.  LOL.  It doe help, though.

June 28, 2016

I have started serious note taking for a new novel.  I want, truly, the feel of the (mythical) Old West on a new world.  Enough things different to make it alien, but still a lot of the same tropes and props.  I don't exactly know why I want this kind of story, except that Westerns themselves don't entirely appeal to me (except as shows).  I think there is an interesting setting to play with here.

The trick is really going to be to get it futuristic enough.  I'm not looking at doing a Firefly-type western.  This is a settlement.  No evil empire hanging over them -- the problem is more that they are on their own. 

Yeah, I can see some interesting stuff, even if I drop most of the 'Western' feel for it before I'm done.

June 29, 2016

End of the month, and you know what?  I really don't have much to worry about at all.  No DAZ.  Now Vision.  I don't do much for Forward Motion because it's just been too quiet anyway.

But I am getting writing done.

Living in Caine's Hold is going through the final edit.  I'll have it out in July.  I don't know what will come after that one, but maybe it will be time to turn my attention back to Raventower.

So much wonderful stuff to choose from!

And I had another great ride tonight.  Wonderful clouds!

June 30, 2016

I had a lot of hope for June, but it's been just one problem after another, though interspersed with a couple lovely trips and some nice photography chances.

And now?

The autofocus appears to have died on the lens I use the most.

Yes, thank you.  I needed that to end June right.